Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You decide

I've been thinking about this post since last week. Yes, originally I was going to post three or four times a week, but life and my three children and more life and minor surgery for my daughter and my nephew coming for a week of rock band camp and football camp for my son and did I mention life? have gotten in the way. So, here I am a week later finally writing this post.

My favorite southern author, Joshilyn Jackson, had a meme on her blog last week. Don't know what a meme is? Neither did I, so I Googled it. I had kind of figured it out from the context -- I'm smart like that -- but wanted to be sure. According to Wikipedia, a meme is basically a question posed and answered by a blogger who asks other bloggers to answer the same question, and it sort of becomes viral from there.

So, here's the question: What famous person do you resemble? Just so you know, I love to play along with these sorts of question/answer games. I fill out all those personal quizzes on Facebook and love to look at friends' answers. However, on this one I am stumped. I know I have been told once or twice that I look like someone famous. I think I remember someone saying Annie Potts. What? But usually it's more along the lines of, "Wow, you look just like my old neighbor." Or, "You look like a girl I knew in high school." You get the picture.

I'm kind of your basic girl-next-door type (yes, technically it's woman, but I still like to think of myself as young). Personally, I think it's kind of hard to judge our own outward appearance without prejudice. I see every pore, line, freckle (which will soon have to be called age spots) extra five or more pounds, stretch marks, under eye bags, etc. on my body. I know that I am not beautiful (although my children tell me I am, God bless their pea-pickin' little hearts!) but I think of myself as attractive. I have good hair (when I take the time to fix it), fairly striking eyes, and a pretty smile. I'm not the kind of girl that turns a lot of heads, but I did manage to catch my husband's eye (and then flirt with him for half a semester from across the room in human sexuality class before he finally asked me out, but that is a blog for another day), and he is quite the catch, if I do say so myself. And you can see both of us for yourself from our picture. Sorry, couldn't find one of me alone. It was either the two of us or me and the kids, so I opted for him. Not sure that I want to put the kiddos on here just yet.

I've read other bloggers who say they are average looking and they think that is why they aren't told they look like someone famous. That makes a lot of sense to me. Most of us aren't Hollywood types. Although there are a lot of character actors out there who aren't either. So, I've been thinking a lot this week on looks and beauty and what makes us look like other people -- is it our features or something more, like maybe our essence? And, what makes a person attractive or unattractive? And why don't any of my children really look like me, since I am the one who carried them in my big, fat, swollen belly for nine months!?! Oops, there goes my stream-of-consciousness thinking again.

Anyway, I've gotten way more involved in this post than I ever expected -- that's what happens when I think on things for a whole week. So, since I don't have a clue what famous person I look like, I'll let you tell me. As I am wont to tell my children, "Be nice!" If you tell me I look like some punk rocker or a man, I will blacklist you from this blog! (Don't know if I can really do that, but I'll figure out something.) Realistically, I'm expecting to hear that I look like an old friend of yours.

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